Have you been searching on how to start making money as graduate without capital in Nigeria? Then all the guide you may be needing to start is shown below. So just keep reading this article and get started.Due to Nigeria’s current economic situation and sustained hardship, sustaining yourself through school is becoming increasingly difficult. It is a well established fact that schools in Nigeria are now for the rich and wealthy. But it is also well known that the greater percentage of Nigerians are struggling in poverty, making higher education extremely tough for them to afford.

After struggling through higher education, graduates are faced with another herculean task of job search. Going by the fact that lots of graduates are already in the labor market with no job offer in sight. Yearly, thousands are added to this teeming number. The situation can be really devastating for young graduates.

As a means to cushion this effect and to sustain themselves, many graduates are now looking for side hustle to engage themselves in.

In this article, I will be introducing you to some means of making money as a graduate with little or no capital involved. You can start some of the things immediately after graduation, while you seek for white collar jobs. You can also keep some of this business as side hustle even as a working class. Students can likewise use some of this business to supplement their pocket money while still studying. After all, the surest way to never go broke is maintaining multiple source of income.


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So, here you go; Business you can do with little or no capital as a graduate, student or working class

  1. Extra Mural Class/Home Lesson

Lots of parents/guardians these days are enrolling their children and wards in extra mural classes after school. This may be as a result of insufficient result they get from the school or because they want more for their children. As a supplement, they seek for capable hands to coach them. But due to the increasing rate of insecurity, some parents would prefer private home tutors who will come over to their home to tutor their wards. These parents are not difficult to find, just check around your neighborhood and you will definitely find that potential client. You basically don’t need anything to start except your residual knowledge, a pen and a book.

I started my first home lesson job immediately after secondary school and I made a reasonable amount of money. At a time, I had about five students, some primary pupils and some secondary students. I also ran adult education class. I had to go to the home of my primary school pupils while the secondary school students came to my house. I planned my schedule in such a way that I could attend to them all. At first it might seem stressful but you will definitely enjoy it, especially if you are the type who loves teaching. Most importantly, it would put a reasonable amount of money in your pocket.

You can also organize WAEC or NECO or JAMB tutorials for candidates who wants to seat for the exam. All you have to do is to find a venue for your tutorials, get a board, a marker or chalk and then your knowledge of the subjects involved. A brother of mine made about N100k in a little JAMB CBT tutorial he organized for the 2019 UTME candidates.

  1. Market your skills

If you have any kind of skill, your service may be needed in your neighborhood or by someone somewhere you don’t know. So you have to market yourself to find that potential client. Some highly marketable skills are;

  • Electrical skill
  • Writing skill
  • Auto mechanic skill
  • Hairdressing
  • Barbing
  • Coding skill
  • Plumbing
  • Baking and cooking
  • Typing skill
  • Graphics design
  • And so many more

These are basic skills you could have learnt while growing up, while in school, at home, in your NYSC service year etc. But you may not know that these skills can give you almost instant cash no matter how small, with little or no capital to start.

As a year two student, I was already getting calls for some basic electrical jobs; wiring, fixing of electrical gadgets etc. If you’ve got this skill, there are plenty of jobs out there waiting to engage you. All you need is your basic electrical tools like pliers, tester, cutter, meter etc. There are new buildings and building projects ongoing around your area, just walk in there and advertise yourself. Even if you get a big break that you can’t handle alone, you can call your friends who know the job to help you.

As a brilliant writer, there are lots of writing jobs out there waiting for you. Even as a student, you can handle project writing, term paper, article, seminar etc. for your fellow students. As a graduate, you can write adverts, promotional articles and lots more for organizations and get paid for the service. You can also find writing competitions around with mouth-watering rewards.

In this modern world of advanced technology, you can render writing services for people that are far from your immediate environment. I did my first international writing job for a friend in Iraq and he gave me $140. When I converted it to NGN, it gave me a whooping N48,000. It cost me almost nothing to execute the job except my writing knowledge. Even if you are not sure of your writing skill, you can always get someone to edit your work before delivering it to your client.

There are tons of amazing freelance website where you can sign up to be connected with people who need your service. Some of the top freelance websites are;

  • Fiverr
  • Fourer
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Upwork
  • Nigerian-owned Fixlancer

They help you create an avenue where you can easily meet with your potential customers.

You can also be hired by bloggers. Blogging is a booming tech business. Some of these bloggers don’t have all the time to constantly update their blog with trending articles, this is where you come in as a young graduate with amazing writing skills. You help them develop articles for their blog and they pay you handsomely for the job.

As a baker/cook, you don’t necessarily need to have a shop before you begin to make money with your skills. You can start small and then dream big. Food business is a very lucrative business, as people will always eat. No matter the situation of the economy, the market is always there, so you have a very great advantage. You can make small chops and other fries for supply to local retailers around your area.

There are lots of other simple jobs you can do with your soft skills. The most important thing is to understand your environment, locate what is missing around you and use your skills to fill the lacuna.

In my subsequent article, I will be showing you some other ways of making cool cash while still on the job search and how best to optimize your skill set. You don’t have to fold your arms and remain idle until you get that your dream job.

Keep up the Naija spirit, we don’t give up! We keep hustling until we get there.

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