How to Get 2GB Glo Data and Above for Free on Glo with 500 Only

How to Get 2GB Glo Data – With the new Glo amazing data offers, you will get extra data bonus from the grand masters of data. Glo gives its teeming customers an amazing 2gb and more data…

Nigerian owned telecommunication giant, Globacom has continued to pride itself as the true Grandmaster of Data. The network service provider has been known for dishing out amazing data and voice offers to its esteemed customers. This, no doubt, has been paying off as more and more people are now patronizing the network. I will be showing you in this article how to get 2GB data and above for free on Glo.

Though Glo is known for not having a very good network across the country unlike other service providers like MTN, Airtel etc, but its recent enticing offers are simply irresistible. Glo SIM is now a must-have for most youths who are in dare need of more and more data offers, since it satisfies their data need.

In this article, we will be talking about this amazing Glo data giveaway of up to 2gb and above.


Just recently, GLO introduced the Glo oga sim program.

This program promises subscribers an amazing 125% bonus on any data plan purchased. This means that with N1000, you get a data bundle of 800mb and also get a huge 125% bonus of 1000mb, giving you a total data of 1800mb (1.8GB) for just N1000. Waooh…isn’t that amazing?

This also means that with N5000, you get 15.6GB plus an extra 19.5GB, giving you a whooping 28.125GB in total.

This offer is only available to the new glo subscribers, meaning you are not eligible to it with an old glo sim.

To qualify for this offer, just get a new glo sim and that is all…

FAQs About GLO Oga SIM

  • Oga SIM is simply any new glo SIM. It’s not a special type of sim.
  • It offers customers 125% bonus on any data bundle as opposed to 25% bonus for old SIMs.
  • This oga SIM offer is also available to any old customer who has never used data service before, they get the same 125% bonus when they purchase their first data.
  • Old customers who have not subscribed for the past 90 days also qualify for the offer.
  • Your loved ones can also benefit since you can always gift them part of your accumulated bonus
  • You can also share it with your loved ones.
  • These plan works on all devices (android, blackberry, iphone, PC).
  • You choose to auto-renewed or not and you can also accumulate it
  • Data can be used by both 3G and 4G devices
  • It might also interest you to know that the glo oga sim comes at no extra cost, meaning, it is still the same price as the normal glo sim.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just walk in to any Glo walk-in center and purchase your new glo SIM to start enjoying an amazing data offer!