Top 10 Hot Business ideas in Nigeria with low Capital

Top 10 Hot Business ideas in Nigeria with low Capital – Today I will be revealing some lucrative hot business ideas In Nigeria that you can easily start with very low capital and start earning high income.

Low Capital Business ideas in Nigeria

Some of the businesses I will be revealing here are mostly those businesses that people take common
but deep down they are very profitable, trust me these business are capable of bringing reliable income
to your wallet.

The major issue people mostly have with business is investing very small money into a business with the
hope to start earning big immediately, trust me, it doesn’t work that way.

You may ask, must I invest huge amount of money before I can be able to earn big from some of these
businesses? The answer is capital NO!

There are things that will determine the amount you will earn from a business

  1.  The type of business
  2. The business location
  3. The amount invested
  4. The effort and time put into use.

These are the major things that will determine your income from any business, there are some business
that you may invest high capital and still earn low profit and their are some that you will invest low
capital and you will earn very high profit.

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Trust me, am about to bust your brain with some hot business ideas that you can invest and earn daily In

1. Car wash business

This is one of the best lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that is untapped and this is caused by the
nature of the business. People take it common but the profit in this business is very high.

Starting a car wash business in Nigeria is a very nice idea, but you need a little capital to get started, you
will need land space that you will be staying, some washing materials will be needed.

This business mostly boom in Urban area where people that owns cars are much.

2. Scrap business

You can even start this business with no money and still earn high, this is one of the most profitable
business in Nigeria currently, it is capable of given you millions within a year.

But, what is this business all about?

Scrap business is the process of buying and selling of waste products like, bottle, iron, metals etc. with as
low as N20,000 you can start this business and still earn high gain from it.

3. Pure water business

Pure water business is now one of the hot business ideas in Nigeria that people are moving into
currently because of huge profit in it.

Even with as low as N10,000 you can start this business and still make enough gain, to start this business
you need to look for were you will be keeping the pure water, then look for the pure water production
company contact near you and call them so that they can always supply the water to you from their
company at a cheap rate.

4. Cassava farming

The price of garri in the market is getting higher everyday, the producers keep smiling because of the
high profits that they are making from the business.

Joining the business will be a nice idea and is capable of making you rich the good part is that you can
even invest into this business without going to any farm nor holding cutlass or hoe by simply invest
through some investment platforms in Nigeria.

5. POS business

This business is not a new business in Nigeria, but many individuals does not know how profitable it is,
you do not need much capital to get started, you just need to apply for the POS machine through your
bank before you may think of starting this business.

POS business mostly thrive more in a rural area where bank is far from or any location in Urban where
bank is far from too.

This business deals with helping people with their daily banking transactions such as; withdrawing,
depositing money, etc.

For any transaction you do you must pay for it and the bank will also reward the business owner with
some profit.

6. Sales of mobile phone accessories

This business deals with buying and selling of mobile phone accessories, you may be ordering the goods
online at a cheap price or buying from computer village in Lagos state.

Phone accessories is very high in demand since people keep looking for a way to make they phone look
neat, you may be selling; battery, screen guard, memory card, chargers, earpiece, pouches etc.

7. Selling of food stuff

This business Is not only for ladies, guys can also start it, selling of foods stuff is never a bad idea since
food is one of the most demanding product in Nigeria.

We eat everyday, people go to market to purchase some foodstuffs like; Rice, garri, beans, tomorrow,
soup ingredients etc.

This may turn to a good income stream if you invest into it, you do not need much money to get started,
you may start with as little as N20,000.

8. Vegetables Farming

Vegetable is very good to our body system and doctors mostly recommend that we eat enough
vegetables always to be able to improve our health quality.

Starting the business will be a very nice idea since people will keep patronizing you everyday, you may
look for a good location where you can be staying and also look for a good farm land that will be good
for vegetables plantation and start the business.

9. Blocks molding business

Most people will not like to waste time molding blocks before they can start building their house, they
will prefer already made.
You can start molding the blocks and be selling to those that need it for their construction.

10. Selling goat meat.

Many individuals prefer to eat goat meat because of it good taste, you may be buying the goat, roast it
and be selling to those that need it, you can make a lot of money from this hot business.

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Starting any business is a choice that you need to be careful will making, you will not like to start a
business that is not lucrative that is why I carefully selected the above hot business ideas in Nigeria that
you may consider starting.