Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in UK

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in UK: When choosing a job career for ourselves, personal motivations come first in the list of our top lifetime priorities, but financial profits must also be taken into account. We don’t want to put all our efforts into our education and professional qualification just so in the end to get a job that only pays to cover the bills.


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in UK

Career opportunities in the UK are countless and the salaries are high enough to meet your financial aspirations. But if you’re wondering which one might turn particularly profitable for you, given below are the highest paying jobs in the UK based on their weekly salary.

The 10 highest paying jobs in the UK:
1. Aircraft Controllers

Aircraft controllers carry a high responsibility on their shoulders as their work is essential for the safety of those people who use airplanes as the mean of transportation. To handle this job one individual must possess outstanding leadership skills and mental and professional preparation.

This huge responsibility determines also the earnings of these employees. If you work as an aircraft controller in the UK you’ll earn around £1,960 per week, thus making this job the highest paid in the UK.

Typically, you don’t need a specific degree to qualify for this job, but there are a lot of examinations, tests, and training sessions to get qualified for working as an aircraft controller. Note that getting such qualifications is not an easy mission and the competition is as fierce as the goal is to choose the best candidates.

2. Chief Executive and Senior Officials

Chief executives are in charge of organizing and coordinating all financial activities in a company. They are responsible for making sure that the company is meeting financial goals by making important decisions that range from daily to long-term financial planning strategies. Their duties also include the appointment of senior managers and heads of specific departments within the company and mentoring their activities.

If this is a career you have decided to follow then you’ve made a nice choice because chief executives are amongst the highest-paid employees in the UK. It is estimated that a chief executive and a senior official earn about £1,725 per week.

Usually, a degree in business-related subjects and at least 3 years of experience are required to get a job as a chief executive. In addition to degree qualifications, employers search for individuals with personal and leadership skills.

3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

Nowadays airplanes are a common means of traveling from place to place. The UK has one of the most developed aeronautical systems in terms of the extensive network of airlines and of its modern infrastructure. Similarly, the UK aeronautical engineering industry is highly developed and engineers are much needed to routinely check the aircraft’ maintenance.

Although working in this industry is hard because you’re responsible for the lives of many people, plus there are strict schedules you need to meet on a daily basis, it is totally worth-seeking career regarding the financial profits. Based on official calculations aircraft pilots and flight engineers earn on average £1,491.

Flight Engineers must at least have a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and relevant experience to get hired, whereas Aircraft Pilots must need a specific education for pilots and a certain number of hours of flying practice to get a license.

4. Marketing and Sales Directors

Marketing strategies are very important for companies to extend and maintain their prestige in the market. Thus, the individuals who have the professional capacities to design and organize marketing campaigns and operate with sales are much needed.

Consequent to their importance in a company, Marketing, and Sales Directors make into the list of the highest paid jobs in the UK.

According to the official calculations, a marketing and sales director earns £1,397 per week. To qualify for this job, you must typically have a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects. However, other types of degrees are acceptable if a certain relevant experience is included.

5. Legal Professionals

A degree in law opens up countless job opportunities for you in several sectors. In addition to the variety of job opportunities, such a degree will also help you to land a highly rewarding job career. It is estimated that on average a law graduate earns £1,349.3 per week.

To enter this job market, you will typically need a bachelor’s degree in law. If you get a higher degree in law you will certainly find a better job and earn more.

6. Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors

Just a few years ago, there were not too many people who believed that these professionals will ever get this much paid and needed in the job market. Today it is hard to find any other profession which has such high employability and provides such an attractive income.

Computers are used in every type of company or organization, thus counting for high employability.  Information Technology and Telecommunication Directors are in charge of establishing and maintaining the common computer system in a company and regularly assist employees if needed.  If you ever get this job in the UK you can expect to earn around £1,380 per week.

A Computer Science degree or in a related field may not always be necessary to get this type of job, although in some cases may give you an advantage over other candidates. Quite often there are people who are good with computers and manage to get the job despite that they don’t have a formal education.

7. Brokers

Brokers act as a third party between two individuals or companies who are engaged in a common trading-alike relationship and charge commission fees for their services.

Brokers are among the highest-paid jobs. Based on official calculations, a broker in the UK earns around £1,250 per week.

To start a career as a stock market broker a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects is necessary, but a higher qualification is highly recommended.

8. Financial Managers and Directors

Financial Managers and Directors are responsible for monitoring the company’s finance. As part of their job, they make regular financial analyses and provide professional guidance to senior managers for improving the company’s profits.

According to the official estimations, a Financial Manager and Director earn around £1,247 per week. That said, it is a career worth seeking.

To qualify for this type of job, employers usually search for candidates who hold a degree in management-related subjects and relevant experience.

9. Medical Practitioners

The UK claims one of the best medical systems in the world. Universities maintain strong links with hospitals and as a result, medicine graduates enjoy high employability afterward.

Despite being a very challenging career, medical professionals are among the highest-paid employees in the UK. There are many roles you can get into this sector and thus the range of salaries is huge. On average it is estimated that health care professionals earn around 1,220 per week.

You won’t be able to get a job in medicine except if you have a world-class education. Usually, you must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine which took at least five years to complete, and relevant experience.\

10. Advertising and Public Relations Directors

The way a company presents itself in the market plays a major role in reaching its business objectives. Thus, Advertising and Public Relations agents are in charge of targeting the company’s audience and use different advertising means to create a proper image of their company.

Advertising and Public Relations make up the top ten highest-paid jobs in the UK. If you get hired as an agent of Advertising and Public Relations in the UK you will expect to earn around £1,160 per week.

A Bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, or communications can be typically required to succeed in finding a well-paid job in the Advertising and Public Relations sector.