Required Documents for a French Visa

Required Documents for a French Visa: A very important part of the application process for a France visa is collecting the required documents. The required documents are the core of your application. Based on these documents, and the visa interview, the French authorities will decide whether you should get a visa to France or not.



Required Documents for a French Visa

Therefore, you should collect the documents to apply for a France visa with the utmost attention. None should be missing. Gather them correctly, by making sure they meet the criteria and specifications as set by the German authorities.

France Visa Requirements

The required documents that you need to have with you when you apply for a France visa are as follows:

  • Completed France Visa Application Form. Make sure you complete the right form since there are two types of France visa application forms, one for short stays and the other for long stays.
  • Two recently taken passport-style photos. You should submit two photos alongside the other documents. They must be no older than three months and taken according to the Schengen Visa Photo Requirements.
  • Your valid passport. Before you apply, check your passport for its validity and date of issuance. It must have been issued within the last 10 years and is valid for a minimum of 3 months after the end of your planned stay in France. The passport must have at least two blank pages in order to be able to put the visa sticker on it.
  • Copies of older visas. If you have ever held any visa to any country in the world, submit copies of those visas.
  • Travel Medical Insurance. You will need to provide proof that you have medical insurance that covers any health problems that you encounter while in France. It should cover not only France but also the whole territory of Schengen with a minimum of €30,000.
  • Complete Itinerary. A list of the things that you are planning to do while in France, including details on how you are planning to reach France. Attach supporting documents such as a Round Trip flight, a railroad booking, or a document of a booked organized tour (where transportation is included)
  • Proof of financial means. The French authorities want to know how you will be financing yourself while in France. That is why you should submit the following documents that apply to your situation, as a part of this requirement:
    • Recent bank statements.
    • Employment contract stating your salary, if you will be working in France.
    • Income from rented property.
    • Retirement benefit plan.
    • A letter of declaration from a sponsor stating the readiness to cover your costs for the period of stay, accompanied by documents that confirm possession of money of such sponsor (i.e. bank statements of last 3 months, other).
    • Other documents prove you have the means to support yourself for the whole duration of your stay in France.
  • Proof of accommodation in France. Another very important document that you need to submit is proof of where you will be staying in France. According to the purpose of your trip, at least one of the following should be submitted:
    • Hotel or hostel reservations for the places to visit.
    • Certificate of reception “Attestation d’accueil”, issued by the person to accommodate the visa candidate, stamped by the city hall (for private visits)
    • Rental contract – “Bail de location” in France if you will be staying in a rented place.
    • Certificate of title for a property in France, if you are the owner of a house/apartment in France.
  • Certificate of criminal record of the home country– showing that candidate has no open crime case involvement
  • Proof of paid France visa fee.
French Visa Required Documents for Minors

If the applicant is minor then the following additional documents should be presented:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Application form signed by both parents/guardians.
  • Certified copies of IDs/passports of both parents/guardians.
  • The family court order, in cases where only one parent has full custody over the child.
  • A notarized parental authorization to travel to France, signed by both parents/guardians, if the minor will be traveling alone with another person.
Required Documents According to Your Employment Status

You will also need to submit a few documents as proof of your occupational status in your country of residence. Submit the documents that apply to your situation, as follows:

  • If employed: Letter from the employing company + documents showing the receipt of salary over the past 3 months – if the candidate is employed
  • If self-employed: Certificate of business registration – if the candidate is self-employed
  • If unemployed: Letter from the employing company, or work contract + documents showing the receipt of salary over the past 3 months for the spouse (husband or wife) + marriage certificate (translated) – if the candidate is an unemployed individual
  • If retired: Certificate of retirement, or related document– if the candidate is pensioned off
  • If a student: An official letter from the educational institution confirming that the student is enrolled in studies there – if the candidate is a student in the home country

All the required documents have to be offered in an original form with a photocopy attached. When a document is not in a French language, it must be translated into French or English language. The original document is still required, though. Make sure you have the original document, its translation, and copies of both.