How to increase your website’s Alexa Ranking

At the end of this article, you will learn how to increase your Alexa Ranking and how important the Alexa Ranking is to your site’s overall performance and in turn, your lead generation and conversion.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is a web analytics company owned by Amazon. Alexa rank is a global ranking of websites based on the number of daily visitors, page-views, time spent by visitors on the site daily, bounce rate, unique contents and some other factors.

It is updated daily. Every web owner desires an excellent web ranking. But many don’t know that they can actually contribute to how their website is ranked…yes…you can increase your Alexa web ranking with some easy tricks. I will show you these easy tricks in this short article.

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Why does your web ranking on Alexa matter?

According to, your Alexa Rank is an estimate of how popular your site is relative to all other sites. It can be a great tool in determining how a particular website is fairing. Alexa ranking makes advertisers and webmasters take your website seriously.

These are the top ways to increase Alexa rank quickly

  1. You have to use engaging, significant and enticing keywords in order to boost your Alexa ranking. This can be achieved by doing proper keywords research before promoting your website. Engaging keywords helps to create rich content.
  2. To increase your Alexa web ranking, you have to frequently update your site with highly engaging and creative contents. Research has it that viewers tend to engage with future contents and share your links when they find your articles very creative and useful. This, in turn, brings new viewers to your site and also makes you more discoverable by search engines.
  3.  Install Alexa Toolbar:- Installing Alexa toolbar and visiting your site daily is a very easy and strategic way to increase Alexa ranking. Alexa toolbar sends web site activity data to the server which in turn saves each website activity of visitors.
  4. Add Alexa Widget on your site:- If you find Alexa rankings really important, you might want to consider displaying your rank directly on your website by adding an Alexa widget. Adding Alexa Widget to your site is a better alternative to Alexa Toolbar since most of the people who visit your website might not have the Alexa Toolbar installed in their browser. Also, it is estimated that the highest number of page visitors are mobile users. So using Alexa widget eradicates this setback. Alexa rank widget calculates every hit from visitors and then increases your Alexa rank quickly.

How to install Alexa Widget

Alexa gives you a code which you can add to your site. It also gives you the option of either displaying only your Alexa Rank or including a count of all the site that links back to you.

Copy below HTML codes and insert them on your website. (Don’t forget to change the emboldened URL to your site’s URL).

Without count

<a href=”“></a>

With count

<a href=”“></a>