How to sell on Jumia | Make money with Jumia Seller Center

Almost everyone in Nigeria knows Jumia? Probably you have purchased a product from the Jumia online store before, or you are just planning to. Jumia is no doubt the most popular online marketplace in the country. Do you know that you can transform from being just a buyer to also become a seller Jumia? You probably don’t! That’s okay because you aren’t alone, many others also don’t know how to sell on Jumia.

You don’t necessarily have to own an e-commerce website to sell your products online. Jumia affords you an opportunity to create a seller profile on their platform, sell your products and make your money. It’s simple and smart.

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Why you should partner with Jumia?

Quite a number of people would want to embrace the huge returns from e-commerce business, but they complain about the cost of setting up an e-commerce website. Jumia gives you a mini platform where you can sell your products to potential customers around the country with no extra cost of developing a website.  Setting up your online store on the Jumia website is simple. All you have to do is to sign up, get approved, list your goods and start selling. Jumia takes care of every other logistics, including customer feedback, delivery etc.

How to register and sell on Jumia

Step 1 – Sign Up

How to sell on Jumia
How to sell on Jumia

Visit the Jumia seller centre here and sign up as a vendor. After completing your registration process, you are then given access to the vendor dashboard where you can list your goods for sale, monitor your sales and perform other actions. You also have access to free online training meant to help you understand the selling process better.

Step 2 –The Sales Process

If your online store is not well advertised, it will not reach the right audience, and if nobody visits your store, money will not flow in. So you must be ready to drive customers to your store always. These are the steps to help you advertise your online store and increase your sales on Jumia;

  • Make your price competitive
  • Market it on social media (Facebook, Whatsapp etc)
  • Advertise it on blogs
  • Comment on blog posts with your online store link
  • Be Customer Friendly

Step 3 –Delivery

When an order is made on your product, Jumia would verify that you have the goods available. If the availability of your product is ascertained, you would receive an order from Jumia to take it down to the nearest Jumia warehouse where it would be shipped to the buyer.

Your product is to reach the Jumia warehouse within 24hrs.

Step 4 – Goods Delivery

As soon as your item arrives Jumia warehouse, the company takes over the remaining delivery process. It is then shipped to the customer’s shipping address.

There you go! You have successfully sold your first product online

More Reasons to Sell On Jumia

  • Jumia handles all customer complaints and issues arising from the sales process, thereby taking off the stress from you.
  • At Jumia Sell Center, you are an online store owner, with no worries about web creation and web hosting. Not to talk about the wide audience reach Jumia offers. With several millions of visitors, Jumia is certainly the most visited online store in the country. Why not leverage on them to sell your products and smile to the bank monthly.
  • Customers trust Jumia, so they will trust your product. Therefore, customer loyalty is assured already.

Selling on Jumia is surely one of the business ideas you would want to give a try, what are you waiting for?


  • Jumia pays directly to your bank account after seven days of successful delivery.
  • You will be required to pay the shipping cost of your products.
  • The payout is done directly to your bank account after seven days of successful delivery.
  • You are required to upload just about 5 products at once

Welcome to Jumia Seller Center!

Happy Selling!