Download Opay Mobile app | Install Opay app for easy life Activities

Let’s introduce to you everything concerning Opay mobile app and how you can download opay mobile app to start using this great app that will help you to stay out from traffic and as well catch up with your appointment when ever you want. This still also helps you to manage your economy because is very affordable.

With oride app you will avoid unnecessary traffic road stop, Oride is your preferred choice. you can hail a bike ride from the Opay app.

When it comes to money and lifestyle, security is as important as accessibility. OPay is a mobile wallet developed by Opera and designed for Android devices. It allows you to live a life of ease and comfort with the touch of a button on your phone.

With OPay you can send and receive money to any bank in Nigeria and it is cheaper than any bank fee. You can also use the app for mobile money business to generate more income.

This application has so many other interesting features which we shall be showing to after now so that we will as well guide you on how you can now install opay mobile app.

Features Of Opay Mobile app for Android

Below here are the list of all the amazing features of this Oride mobile application when using an android phone.

  • Hail a bike (ORide): With OPay you can hail a bike and pay instantly from your OPay account. Refer a friend to use ORide and you get coupons to enjoy free rides with ORide.
  • Send and request money: Choose from your contact book or type in a phone number to send or request money for free.
  • Multiple funding options: Funding your wallet is so easy. You can fund from your bank app or by adding your cards.
  • Mobile data: Purchase airtime for family or friends from any network within the OPay app.
  • Subscribe for cable TV: You can pay for your GOTV, DSTV and STARTIMES subscription using OPay and the beauty is we don’t charge any convenience fee.
  • Electricity bill: You can pay for your prepaid electricity with OPay and we don’t charge any convenience fee.
  • Order food: You can order food from your favourite and best restaurants from the OPay app.
  • Digital receipts: Gather all of your purchase history all in one place.
  • Betting: Fund your Bet9ja wallet from your OPay app. No convenience fee required.

If you have carefully read the above amazing features of Opay ride application then you should know that you are meant to enjoy all of them once you have downloaded opay mobile apk.

Lets now guide you on the process in which you are to follow when downloading opay mobile apk.

How to Install and Download Download Opay Mobile app

To download opay app and as well install it on your mobile device you have to visit the google play store. or click here to get started.