Zoom Lifestyle Lottery – How to Play Zoom

If you’ve been online for long now but have not heard about zoom, you really have missed a lot. Probably each time you see lottery, you heaves a sigh of disgust. Fine but you seem to have decided wrongly as some wonder working lottery site like zoom is a life changer. Your life will definitely be zoomed to greatness as long as you follow the moving train today; zoomupyourlifestyle. Do you know that it is owned by a very popular Nigerian entertainer? Well, we shall discuss about zoom lifestyle in Nigeria and Abroad.

What is Zoom Lifestyle?

Zoom lifestyle is just as the name sounds ‘zoooom’. It is an entertainment lifestyle lottery that offers subscribers the chance to win millions of naira in cash and prizes that cut across shooting a music video, concert tickets, back-stage passes, sport and business mentorship and more.

How to Play On Zoom

Zoom lifestyle can either be played by purchasing a raffle ticket at http://www.zoomlifetyle.com/play or by sending a keyword command in an SMS to 20010. For example, “Sport” to 20010 Keywords are: MUSIC, DANCE, SPORTS, BUSINESS. Dial a  USSD short code (*20010#) and select a category via the USSD menu.

It is acceptable for a customer to choose more than one category in order to increase his/her chances of wining by selecting different service category. This game can even be played without your phone configured as long as you have a phone number and a basic handle-set you can play it. You can only subscribe once to a category as a player on zoom.

You are to be paid if you win the currency of your country of play. Meanwhile, Nigerians who play in Nigeria will receive their payments in naira. Notably, zoom lifestyle lottery can only be played in Nigeria for now at the cost of #20 per day.

Steps to Play Zoom Lifestyle Lottery

Step 1. Visit www.zoomlifestyle.com to start.

  • click on “play lottery” or “enter raffle draw”

Step 2.

  • Enter your details
  • Select your options and click on “Pay Now” to pay
  • Ticket cost is #500

Step 3.

  • After payment, you will receive an automated email with your Raffle Ticket and a procedure to CREATE ACCOUNT.
  • Upload your content and enjoy zoom services

Step 4.

  • A raffle draw would be held on the DRAW DATE to select winners of zoom lottery.
  • All winners would be contacted automatically on their phone numbers and emails.
  • Winners can collect their cash prizes at the zoom premises.

Do You Know?

The owner of Zoom Lottery is Peter Okoye popularly known by his stage name as Mr P. Zoom Lottery was launched in February 2019. Enjoy the game!