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Top up your HND to BSc Degree – The practical skills and HND certifications acquired from a Polytechnic can lead one to the workplace, but most Poly graduates choose to top up their HND to a full Bachelor’s degree so as to secure a more vantage point in the labour market and in their career pursuit.

What is HND?

In the UK, HND is an academic equivalent of completing two-thirds of an undergraduate degree. HND courses which are vocational in nature, are structured around acquiring and developing the hands-on skills needed for particular careers. When studied full time, it takes 2 years and a longer period of four years when studied part-time.

In Nigeria, HND was introduced as a mid-level manpower training and certification on technical and practical fields. It takes two years to obtain, after an initial 2 years National Diploma program.  Furthermore, an intending HND applicant must have completed a one-year on-the-field industrial training.

What is Top Up Degree?

Top-up degree (also styled HND/BSC conversion) is basically for HND holders who wish to study further so as to obtain a full bachelor’s degree. BSc holders who graduated with Third class or pass may also use the top-up program to up their academic standing.

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Must I top-up my HND?

While it is not a necessity to top-up your HND, since HND itself is a superb qualification depending on your career ambitions, but there are some proven reasons why you may want to give “top-up to BSc” a try.

In some country like Nigeria where the entire journey to obtaining an HND certificate takes about 5 years, it becomes more disheartening, if you are are not equally ranked with your degree counterparts who might have obtained their BSc with less number of years. Imagine how worse it becomes to find out later that only the university graduates are even recognized, by law, to lecture at the polytechnics where you’ve been trained. While an HND holder can only lecture in a higher institution after obtaining an MSc or at least a PGD, his BSc counterpart can be offered a lecturing position on graduation.

These had led HND graduates to seek alternative means of levelling up so as put themselves on the radar. With the emergence of HND top-up degree, it has become a lot easier.

Some of the top reasons why you may want to consider this idea are outlined below;

  • It can open up further opportunities available to you in the future.
  • Top up course will help you demonstrate to an employer that you have the academic, organizational skills needed for your chosen career path.
  • You are further strengthened and equipped for the workplace, especially in the managerial field
  • In some countries like Nigeria, where HND is still regarded as a mid-level skill, topping up to a degree affords you a better opportunity in the labour market
  • Also, your chosen career path will also help resolve your decision on whether to top-up to a degree or not. While HND courses offer direct routes into many roles, you may need a full Bachelors degree to apply for some graduate schemes or graduate-level jobs.
  • HND holders with lower credit or pass specifically require this program to solidify their stand
  • Graduates who want to change to another related or different field of study may also see this as the best opportunity to achieve their dream
  • Graduates of polytechnics are not trained to be educationist; they can use this programme to adjust to the education line.
  • University graduates with third (3rd) class or pass can also consider the course to chase a better grade.

What is the duration of a top-up program?

In the United Kingdom (UK), the majority of HND graduates are eligible to enrol onto the final year of a Bachelors degree to ‘top-up’ their qualification. Your HND should meet the required standard (typically at least a Merit certification) and the contents of both courses should have similarities. Your top-up degree can be obtained either from the same institution that validated your HND or at another university.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to pursue a degree in a field not related to your HND, you may have to enter the second year or start a course from the beginning. However, the exact duration and structure of the program depend on the top-up program institution.

In Nigeria, it takes one to three academic years to complete your HND to BSc conversion, depending on the institution’s structure. Each academic year usually takes two to three semesters where the students will be drilled in line with their previously held certificates.

After completing this course, you now have two qualifications: your former HND certificate (from the previous polytechnic) and the new BSc certificate from a university.

Top Universities that offer HND to BSc Conversion

Universities in Nigeria running top-up degree program include:

  • Kwara State University, Ilorin (State)
  • Bells University Abeokuta (Private)
  • Alhikmah University Ilorin, Kwara State (Private)
  • Southwestern University Nigeria (Private)
  • Federal University of Oye Ekiti (Federal)
  • Ekiti State University (State)
  • Delta State University (State)
  • Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo
  • Babcock University, Ilisha-Remo

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UK Universities that offers Top Up Degree for HND Holders are;

  • Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • Birmingham City University
  • Coventry University Group

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Online Top Up Degree for HND Holders;

  • Arden University
  • IICSE University
  • Stafford Global Top-Up Degree
  • University of Derby
  • UNICAF (University of South Wales) BA (Hons) – Business Studies
  • The University of Hertfordshire

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Can I do a Masters with an HND?

Most Masters program requires a full degree, As an HND holder, you may have to obtain additional qualifications like Post Graduate Diploma. Though these course entry requirements differ for various institutions, so you may have to check the specific guidelines before applying.

How much does it cost to run a top-up degree?

The price to top up your HND to BSc Degree is relative as it depends entirely on the institution offering the top-up programme. But, the cost is usually student-friendly with a flexible instalment payment plan.

Will it be indicated on the certificate that I did a top-up degree?

Most schools, if not all, do not indicate it

Can I get funding for further study?

Most scholarships/grants are restricted to first qualification and undergraduate programmes, funding becomes limited if you’re looking to top up your HND to a full Bachelors degree as this is widely considered a second qualification. Also, most available post-graduate grants are for Masters and PhD programmes.

After the top-up degree, can I still go for National Youth Service?

No! In fact, one of the requirements for admission into a top-up program for many schools is NYSC certificate of discharge.

Can I work and study for a top-up degree?

Yes, you can. Most schools offer a very flexible program structure (evening and weekend classes) that makes it comfortable for students who wish to work as they study.

What do other HND graduates do?

According to a recent survey conducted in the UK, almost half of HND graduates representing 47% were in further study six months after graduation, with the majority (94%) studying towards a first degree…



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