Philippine Army Recruitment 2019/2020 Form Application and Guide

Are you in search of Philippine Army Recruitment 2019/2020 Form? Kindly keep reading as we show you the Philippine army recruitment starting date and as well guide you on how to apply online.Philippine Army Recruitment 2019… The Philippine Army is the main, oldest and largest branch of the Philippines Armed Forces which is tasked engaging in ground warfare.

Joining the Philippine Army.

There are three ways in which of turning into a Philippine military officer

  1. Via the Philippine academy
  2. Via the (OCC) Officer Candidate Course
  3. Via the (OPC) Officer Preparatory Course

If you’re a university graduate or a Bachelors Degree Holder, you have the option of becoming a Philippine military officer via OCC.

OCC is one-year-long course. Upon graduation, you’ll be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant within the regular force.

Here are the Qualifications.

  1. Baccalaureate Degree holder
  2. Natural-born Filipino national
  3. Height – a minimum of 5′ for each male and feminine
  4. With appreciable interpersonal skills and educational records
  5. No unresolvede case in any court of law
  6. Physically and mentally suited coaching
  7. Single and isn’t supporting any kid
  8. Between twenty one and twenty nine years previous on the date of admission at OCS.

The initial needs for OCC are the following:

  1. A diploma from a reputable college
  2. Transcript of records
  3. NSO-issued  Birth certificate
  4. CV (for Civilian applicants)
  5. Outline of information(for Military applicants)
  6. 2×2 photograph

Second Lieutenants

Are you a reserve 2nd Lieutenant within the Philippine Army? Then you
may apply for (OPC) Officer preceding Course. It’s a six months
course with you being commissioned as 2nd lieutenant within the
regular force.

The majority reserved 2d lieutenants within the
Philippine Army are ROTC advance graduates and commissioned as
2nd lieutenant within the reserve force. The Qualifications for
(OPC) is nearly constant because the (OCC) except that below (OPC),
you must not be thirty-three.

For Students

If you can’t wait to become a part of the Philippine Army. Then you’ll apply as a non-commissioned personnel. Here are the qualifications:

  • Should have attained seventy-two units in the university for all gender
  • Secondary school graduates need to possess technical skills extremely
    desirable for acceptance within the military service
  • Should pass the Armed Forces of the Philippine Army Test Battery with a score of forty-five or
  • Should not be younger than eighteen years old, however no more than twenty-six years old at the time of
  • 5′ for both genders
  • You have to be certified fit both in physical and mental terms
  • Single and has no kid
  • No unresolved case in any court

Philippine Army Recruitment Application Form

To Apply for the Philippine Army recruitment, use the following link; Philippine Army Recruitment Application Form . Also visit the Philippine Army official website to get more information.

Regular Units

The Philippine Army has many regular units dedicated to counter-insurgency and standard army operations.