Maintenance Required Indicators On Modern Cars and How to Fix it Yourself

These are Maintenance Required Indicators symbols. In most cases, these symbols are used only as a reminder that routine maintenance is needed. All the indicator in the instrument cluster are for communication between the vehicle On-board Computer as the driver/owner for quick assertion of the condition of the car without much stress.

The On-board diagnosis is Equipped with the ability of running internal diagnosis just like the human body, the result of the diagnosis is to be communicated and store a code(SAE/manufacturer specs.) that refers to it, and turn up an indicator in the instrument cluster(dash) for the driver/owner to know and visit a workshop where it will be attended to by a professional in the field.

Anti-lock braking system

Anti-lock braking system

If the result of the test is such that the malfunction detected is in the powertrain(Engine/transmission), a MIL(malfunction indicator lamp) will be illuminated in the instrument cluster(dash),this time Check engine(check engine image). So also if the fault is on the Anti-lock braking system(ABS), it’s MIL will be illuminated.

Exhaust Gas Recirculating System (EGR)

Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (EGR)
This include other systems like EGR( exhaust gas recirculating system), the safety restraint system(SRS for airbag), EVAP( evaporative emission) and so on.
Every car has an Engine oil(irrespective of the viscosity and type) whose Basic function is for lubricating the engine components. That’s not all, it performs other important function like cleaning/washing, cooling and sealing.
Most cars come with a dip stick for routine check of the level of the engine oil in those cars, most modern cars has oil level sensor for monitoring the level of the engine oil level and communicate to result through an indicator/display unit to the driver/owner.

Maintenance Required Light

maintenance required light
Servicing duration over the past has been by using the odometer reading for every 10,000 miles or 5,000 miles depending on the manufacturer specification often in the vehicle manual. Modern cars does this on their own electronically and reminds you that you need to service the Engine by triggering the maintenance required light.
Now after servicing the engine successfully you need to erase this light, so the counter starts afresh again to be able to warn you for the next service period.
Many times technicians include this on your pay and claim is been done using only the scanner and makes the service bill somewhat cumbersome, but here is the truth, manufacturer made it that you can erase it not only with scanner. from the dash you can erase this light and save some cash in your pocket.

See how to Fix Maintenance Required Indicators Yourself

Step 1.  Sit down on the driver’s seat and locate the push button knob in the instrument cluster.
Step 2. Turn the ignition on, no start(ignition key position no 2)Press it so the odometer section displays the odometer reading(though in some cars it will be when the reading is on either trip A or trip B still in the odometer display unit).
Step 3. Press and hold the knob down and turn off the ignition for few seconds(10s), and turn it on again still holding the knob down.
Step 4. Hold it down for more 10s and the maintenance required light is blinking or you see dotted line begin to flash and reduce from four to three,to two, to one and done.
Step 5. Remove your hand from the knob and start the car and see that the maintenance light is gone.
This is for cars without smart key, if your car is smart key, just little difference which is the push button. When is time to turn the ignition on, press the brake pedal and press the push start button just once to turn the ignition on and once again to turn it off, remember your leg will be steady on the pedal.