How to Program a Car Key Chip Without a Programming Machine In Toyota

Do you know that you can comfortably program a car key without the use of a programming machine? If you want to do it yourself then this article is about how to program a car key chip without a programming machine.Many people have paid a lot of money looking for who will programme and install their lost car keys or damaged ECU.

If you really want to learn how to program a car key with or without the programming machine then keep reading this article and get it perfectly performed.

What is Programming?

Programming car key is the process by which you lost the original or the reorganized key by ECU then you need to buy new one and query the ECU to  reorganize new bought key to be the original. That is all about key programming.

Having shown to you what car programming is all about we can now comfortably take you down through the steps required to complete a car programming process.

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Below here are steps in which you can successfully follow to program you new car key chip.

Steps to Program a Car Key Chip Without a Programming Machine

They are 9 steps to guide you to a successful programming of a car key to work normally, which includes the following steps.

Step1.Open the car bonnet and locate the battery negative terminal and remove it, just as shown below here!

Step2. Remove the negative battery terminal marked on the picture.

Step3. Locate the vehicle (ECU) Electronic control Module and detach it.

Step4. Fix the new Electronic Control Module (ECU)

Step5. Then reconnect the battery terminal you removed initially.

Step6. Locate the vehicle DLC (OBD2)

car key chip programming

     Step 6. Join pin 4 (four) to pin 13 with a wire or use paper clip

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  Step 7. Turn the Ignition ON and then wait for 30 minutes.

Step 8. Then turn off the ignition and disconnect pin 4 to 13

  Step 9. Then start the vehicle.

Have followed above steps in ECU and Key programming you have successfully done well without making use of programming machine.

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