How to Prepare Igbo Native Soup – Achi, isisia and Dry Okro

Click here to read on how to prepare igbo native soup for your different occasions which everyone has one native soup or the other. but to prepare one could be a pinch on the neck. here we shall relieve you on the difficulties of preparing your native soup.

People of different tribes may have same or different delicacies of their native soup. the sumptuousness depends on how informed one is on making the soup. Below we shall discuss clearly on how to prepare  native soup .

 What You Need to Know About Achi

The botanical name for achi tree is “Brachystegia eurycoma”. Achi is a common tree that grows mainly in the south eastern part of Nigeria. It is well known because normally the tree grows so tall and huge enough. it has many branches and plethora leaves (though not broad). It can easily be found in a swamp area. it is hardly been get down by wild fire due to its tallness. it withers during dry season; regenerates flowers  and succulent leaves. after which it will begin to bear fruits (annually). The fruit will get matured towards the harmattan season.

During this season, the fruit together with the seed  dry up and disperse. It can also be plucked  when noticed to have been matured. the seed of Achi is however called “Mkpuruachi“.

How To Prepare Achi Soup

Achi soup cannot be prepared until the following processes are carried out;

  1. Go to any achi tree and pluck the fruits.
  2. Set the fruits under the sun for proper drying.
  3. After few days of drying it, hit it one after the other so that the Mkpuruachi would disperse.
  4. Put some amount of sand into a pot and add some quantities of the achi seed and then place it on fire.
  5. Keep frying until you observe the epicarp of the seeds swollen.
  6. Separate the seeds from the sand and put the seed into a bowl of water for at least four hours and at most twelve hours.
  7. by the time the epicarp of the seed would become so soft  for removal, take the dicotyledonous part and grind to its smoothness.

Set for soup making? Yes.

This time you are almo9st done for your food. the soup can be best enjoyed  with vegetables like pumpkin leave (ugu), garden egg (anara) and oha.

The following items below can best suite  the  preparation of the soup. depending on the number of seeds. If 50 seeds; use the under listed quantities.

  • 1 bunch of pumpkin leave (well chopped)
  • 5 fresh yellow pepper blended to taste salt
  • 1 big fresh titus fish (steamed)
  • 2 cubes of knor
  • 1 head stock fish
  • 1 dry cat fish (depending on your reach)

Steps for making the soup

  1. Put some amount of water into a pot with crayfish (meat) and boil till it reaches boiling point.
  2. put the achi and turn rapidly with paddle to avoid balls been formed
  3. Allow it to cook for like three minutes; add the required ingredients.
  4. let it cook for like two to three minutes then add the vegetable of your choice.
  5. put it out from the fire source.  Done? Enjoy!

Achi soup is best served with akpu, garri, pounded yam and semolina.

About Beniseed

Beniseed is a flowering plant that is annually cultivated for its seeds. It is also called Sesame Seed. Mainly, the plant grow in pods and is believed to be the oldest cultivated oil seed in the world…

The vitality of beniseed is incorporated on its medicinal and nutritional values.

How To Prepare Beniseed (Sesame Seed) Soup

Below are the procedures for preparing beniseed  soup:

  1. Wash it with water in a bowl or basin. sieve with a kitchen basket properly in order to remove dusts.
  2. place it under the sun to dry up
  3. measure the quantity needed for the moment and grind ton its smoothness.
  4. for two cups, add two spoonful of water and turn hardly in a mortar together with onions to enhance its stiffness.
  5. boil like 80cl-100cl of water in a pot together with dried fish and crayfish.
  6. put the grounded beniseed in the boiling water; allow for four minutes.
  7. add some amount of water and turn gently
  8. add ingredients ( 2 cubes of knorr, salt,pepper, oil) and the meat; turn it properly and allow for 3 minutes
  9. add some vegetables (best with bitter leaf or pumpkin leaf); then turn again. after two to three minutes, its set for consumption.

Beniseed soup is served better with akpu, pounded yan and semovita. Wow! it is sweet right? Enjoy…

About Ukpo (Dry Okro)

Ukpo is a name that dried okro is commonly called in the south eastern part of Nigeria. It is gotten from okro plant. It is however, the means of preserving the essential elements present in okro.

Do you wish to make dry okro on your own? Then;

  • Get over maturing okro or succulent ones and cut it roughly.
  • Then place it under the sun until they get fully dry.
  • Bagging: This helps the dry okro to be untouched by water or be eaten by pests.

How To Prepare Ukpo Soup

  1. Measure the quantity of ukpo you want to cook for the main time and place under the sun. Or make if dry faster by frying it with an old clean pot.
  2. Pound it mortar or use grinder.
  3. Boil water with catfish and or crayfish. You can as well cook it with meat of your choice.
  4. Put the soup and allow for three minutes.
  5. Put ingredients and then bring it down after four minutes.

Ukpo soup is best served with pounded yam or garri.

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