How to get Work permit in Germany – Germany work permit and Visa Requirements

Have you been living or intend to travel to Germany as a skilled worker? if yes, then you will need to apply for Work permit in Germany which is the type of German visa that will allow you to migrate to the country legally without any form of harassment from the embassy officials.

Germany has a range of visa types, from work permit in Germany visa and skilled worker (European Blue Card) visas to self-employment visas, family reunion visas, and more. If you plan to relocate to Germany, you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit, while you can apply for permanent residence (known in the US as a green card) after living in the country for five years.

Germany Employment Visa (German Work Permit Visa)

The Germany Employment Visa (German work permit visa) is an opportunity for qualified foreigners to settle in Germany and work in their field. It gives its holder the chance to enter and work in Germany for up to two years, with the possibility of extending the visa, and later applying for an EU Blue Card, or other types of residence permits.

You must have known that Germany is an ideal place to work in, with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, a variety of job opportunities, and numerous advantages to develop career-wise as well as experience-wise.

In this article, we will explore just what you need to do in order to be granted a German employment visa and begin working in Germany whenever you apply for a work permit in Germany but first, we are going to look at some of the types of visa that you can apply for.

Types of Germany Work Permit Visa for Long-Stay

You may apply for a Germany Long-Stay Visa under the purpose of working in Germany, for the following:

  1. Employment – if you already have a job offer in Germany.
  2. Self-Employment – if you wish to establish a business in Germany or to work as a freelancer.
    Working as a Freelancer
  3. Jobseeker – if you wish to look for a job while in Germany.
  4. Working as an Au Pair – for young adults wishing to learn more about the German culture and language.
  5. Working Holiday Visa – for the youngsters of several countries, that have signed a Working Holiday Visa agreement with Germany.

Who Can Apply for Germany Work Permit Visa?

Citizens of the following countries can apply for their residence permit for work purposes after entering Germany without a visa.

  • EEA/EU member states the United States of America
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • the Republic of Korea

Citizens of the rest of third-world countries are required to obtain a German work visa purposes before traveling to Germany. Following this article find the procedures you need to follow, including the documents you need to obtain, in order to get a Germany work Visa.

Categories Eligible to Apply for a Germany Work Visa

All foreign nationals can apply for a Germany work permit Visa if they fulfill the conditions to work in Germany

According to the “Act on the Residence” that regulates the residence issue for foreigners in Germany, the categories eligible to apply for a German Employment Visa are as follows:

  • Highly qualified foreigners, in particular:
    • researchers with special technical knowledge
    • teaching personnel in prominent positions or scientific personnel in prominent positions
  • Intra-corporate transferees, in particular:
    • managers
    • specialists

In addition, eligible and encouraged to apply for a Germany work visa are third-world country nationals with a university degree or a non-academic vocational qualification that fulfill the conditions listed below:

  • There is a shortage of skilled workers in the profession you want to practice in Germany.
  • You have a concrete job offer.
  • Your education must be recognized as equivalent to a German degree.

How to Apply for a Germany Work Permit Visa?

The step-by-step application process for a Germany Work visa goes as follows:

  1. Use Google search to find your dream or job in your field, apply for the job online
  2. Get a job offer in Germany.
  3. Check if you need a visa to Germany for long stays.
  4. Find out where you need to submit your visa application.
  5. Collect all of the required documents according to the instructions.
  6. Make an appointment for a visa interview.
  7. Pay the German Employment Work visa fee.
  8. Attend the interview.
  9. Wait for a response on your visa application.

Required Documents for a German Work Permit Visa

In order to prove to the German embassy/consulate in your country of residence that you fulfill the conditions for a German employment visa, you will need to submit several documents. These documents are the crucial part of your German work permit visa application, alongside the visa interview.

Make sure you collect all of these documents according to their given instructions.

  • Two fully completed application forms. Printed and signed at the end.
  • Two passport photographs (see our page on photo requirements for more info as there are strict requirements).
  • Valid national passport (more information on passport requirements).
  • Proof of residence. Your driver’s license and/or utility bill in your name as proof of residence in the territory of the consulate where you plan to apply.
  • Health insurance. Compulsory certificate from German employer, valid from date of employment. If not already included in the compulsory health insurance separate travel insurance has to be presented for the time frame from arrival in Germany until the beginning of employment. If you are looking for great coverage for a good price, then your working health insurance awaits here!
  • An employment contract / binding job offer with details of gross annual salary and a detailed description of the employment in Germany.
  • Approval by the Federal Employment Agency (If applicable).
  • Curriculum Vitae. Your updated CV, which indicates your academic qualifications and your job experience.
  • Proof of Qualification. Diplomas, Certificates, Mark-sheets, etc., or anything similar that proves your qualifications.
  • Personal covering letter explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay.
  • Proof of a clean criminal record.
  • Proof of paid visa fee. The visa fee for a German long-stay visa is €75.
  • Declaration of Accuracy of Information.

Where to Apply for a Germany Work Visa?

You should apply for a German Employment visa at the representative body of Germany in your country of residence responsible for visa admission. This could be one of the following

  • The German embassy
  • A German consulate
  • A Visa Application Center
  • The German embassy/consulate located in a neighboring country, in absence of German representative bodies in your country of residence
  • The embassy/consulate of another country, located in your country of residence, to which Germany has outsourced visa admission.

How to Get a Work Visa to Germany?

If you find that you need a work visa to enter Germany, keep in mind that you should already have a job offer/contract in order to be issued your work visa, afterwards you should properly apply with the other set of standard documents for a German visa application.

What Is the Germany Work Visa Application Process?

It is your responsibility to apply for Germany work permit or work visa to Germany. However, your employer can help make sure you submit a successful application by providing proof that the job you have been offered cannot be done by other workers who are citizens of the EU or EEA.

Make sure you have collected all the necessary documents before submitting an application. You should also make sure to pay the visa application fee and take the confirmation with you when you submit your application.

You should set an appointment at the nearest German embassy/consulate in your home country or a neighboring country. You will be allowed plenty of time to gather all the necessary documents to apply as well as prepare for the interview.

What Is the Germany Work Visa Processing Time?

The work visa processing time depends on the workload the embassy or consulate is receiving at the time of your application. However, your visa can take from one to three months to process.

It is always important to submit your application early since one can never know the exact processing time of the visa. However, your employer in Germany should be aware that you will be unable to commence work straight away after was offered a job contract.

What Is the Germany Employment Visa Fee?

The Germany work visa fee is a total of €75. However, make sure to check with the German embassy in your country since you might be required to pay lower fees depending on your circumstances or country of origin.

Keep in mind that in case your visa gets rejected, your money will not get reimbursed.

How to Get a Residence Permit to Work in Germany?

Nationals of countries outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area need a residence title to work in Germany. In order to gain access to the German labor market, these individuals need approval from the Federal Employment Agency (BA). This approval can be granted internally from the German embassy/consulate in your home country or the local immigration authorities in Germany. After you get approved, you will get your temporary residence permit for employment purposes.

Which Are the Types of German Residence Permit?

Depending on your circumstances, there are different types of residence permits:

  • Temporary Residence Permit for Employment Purposes
  • The EU Blue Card
  • Permanent Residence Permit